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Exploring Asakusa’s Hanayashiki + Edo Street

Hi かわいい+creative family!

I’m sitting here in Osaka planning my Tokyo stay …

I am considering Asakusa or Saitama area this go round. Mostly because Tokyo triggers all types of anxiety >.< (remember I shared my coping techniques a while back?!)

The only thing that makes it hard to enjoy Asakusa this time around is that it’ll be chilly. I won’t get to go for round two at Hanayashiki but I can at least share our round one ~

What are we waiting for. Leggo!

meet-up to hang out with these cuties (again!!!!) ❤
hi Thunder Gate ^.^
what time is it? adobenchya time!!!!
almost …
passing Senso-ji (we’ll revisit here later days *pinky swear*)
suita! (we made it)


Hanayashiki was opened as a flower park in mid 1800’s 😳
and you can find the cutest arrangements everywhere!
and you can find the cutest arrangements everywhere!
looks like Little INKPLAY Shop branding haha
even around rides
and with cute friends >.<
from the snaps ^.^ (follow me on snapchat @ipukekawaii)

It was super crowded when we visited because of Golden week.

But walking around and enjoying the sights was just as nice ~

game plan + gacha
pinball game I wanted to play
our Tokyo Sky Tree view from the flower terrace

more of the days snaps = ice cream + photos + more snaps 😹

and guess what we found ~


kawaii alien looks 👽✨

are we high fashion, yet? ^.^

Otsukare ~

🌸Edo Street🌸

Ok ~

Hanayashiki was incredibly crowded. So crowded that we bought tix for rides … and never rode anything haha

But the day’s still young so let’s stroll around Edo Street ^.^

I LOVE Edo period & all things old & traditional (or cool) Japan

Demboin-dori was the site of kabukitheaters and a large red light district during Edo period.

Today you can visit Asauksa and the affectionately nicknamed Edo Street if you’re like me, for your traditional fix.

(👆) more snaps (👇)

it’s was day of cool + kawaii cutie fun ^.^

Oi! Keep scrolling to enjoy the full day of adventure with us ~

Annnddd …

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Gambare, minna


Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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