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Blacks In Japan Conference + DC to Japan Top 10 + Give-A-Way Time

Happy FriYAY Kawaii + Creative family,

It’s already time for another instalment of DC to Japan’s top 10 reads ~

Of course, you know with that comes a bit about DC to Japan, so far ^.^

And this month’s excitement is all about the opportunities already coming my way.
(stops & drops to say thank you inter webs 🙏)

Enjoy ~

🌸 Blacks in Japan Conference

Have you been up on my latest opportunity and all that I am doing to get there?

👆Click for more info 👆

🌸 DC to Japan Top 10

Given all the excitement, I curated some happy & productive reads + recaps, just for you ~

Being Black in Japan

It’s a thing people always wonder, and while I’ve shared my own words … here’s some from people REALLY living in Japan (I only hang out there)

✨ Happy Hauls + Kawaii Journaling for Coping, in Japan

My tips and tricks for hardcore coping with anxiety while in Tokyo ^.^

Save Tattooing in Japan

I followed this for the entire time and it got me thinking about my lively hood + future, overall …

✨ My 1st DC to Japan Opportunity + #supportLIPS Campaign

This thing is ON! … and it seems to be working 🙂

Check out my first opportunity since launching DC to Japan ~

✨ Meeting My Kawaii Fairy Godmother, Rainbowholic

A beautiful person, sister, and friend. Here’s where we first met ^.^

✨ Kawaii Playdate with London Tattooer, Mort

Instagram brought us together. And one day … we were in the sam eplace at the same time and had AHHHHHH~mazing fun ❤

✨ DC to Japan Top 10 + Travellin’ Ippie-chan + FriYAY Sticker Drop

✨ DC to Japan + The Launch of a New Dedicated Blog

✨ Hobonichi Flipthrough + June Small Goals + #DCtoJapan

✨ #dctojapan Spring Adventures + Random Photospam

Happy reading until next month’s Top 10 ^.^

🌸Give-A-Way Time

Getting ready for my first seasonal give-a-way. OMG I can’t wait to share alllll the goods ^.^

I hope you’ve signed up for the newsletter, so you’ll be among the first to know!

stay tuned photo spam & deets for my first DC to Japan Big Blog Give-a-Way! More info in less than 2 weeks. whhhaaaaaa ^.^

Drop me a comment of what you’re enjoying so far

It’s DC to Japan y’all, get excited! ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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