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Happy Hauls + Kawaii Journaling for Coping, in Japan

Hi かわいい + creative family ~

Hooray for happy hauls + kawaii journaling for self care and coping in Japan!

DC to Japan is taking off and I’m already planning my fall trip to Japan ^.^

booking for Japan at Heavy Weight Tattoo ~

So I should probably start decompressing from my last trip, yeah?!

I’ve been away creating, branding and building platforms since my last travel that I wasn’t sure where to start. But I have anxiety (and a lot of other things, admittedly huhu) and ritual that helps me get along while in Japan … in Tokyo specifically.

My anxiety gets so high.

I often refer to Tokyo as Times Square meets LA … on crack! 😳

And if you’re familiar with those places and have anxiety, my description probably just triggered it.

😓 I am extremely sorry 😔

Truthfully, I sometimes get anxiety just thinking about travel and having to touch down in Tokyo ~

Aside from Dr. Pepper (something familiar), I hoard journaling goods (and journal) in Tokyo just to make it day to day.

So I thought I’d share a mix some of my recent hauls and kawaii journaling that helped me cope this time around.

Please enjoy ~

🌸 Kawaii Hoaders Anonymous


I’m Imani and I make no apologies for the hoarding that I do in Japan.

This trip I hoarded tons of kawaii planner goods, lane time, and quality time with friends ~

Sekaido, my favorite place in Tokyo space ❤

first thing’s first … journal tools!

Tezuka manga + my 1st Atom + illustrator kit
Chibi Maruko-chan stickers + Maru Nyan (yatta!!!!)
+ Unico stickers & pouch + Uniwashi + Tezuka OC marshmallows 😋😋😋
+ more Chibi Maru-chan manga + snacks + washi + keychains
McDonald’s is NEVER this cool in the States …
Little Tea Party, (c)1978 | new kawaii manga, old story
snacks +
more snacks! you can keep your judgement 😅

the SUPER hoard … time with friends + mega huge cotton candy from Harajuku
… and last but not least, I had plenty alone time. It’s important to me, to be able to slow down and take everything in … unapologetically.

Anyone else shamelessly love those quiets moments with yourself?

🌸 Kawaii Hoaders Anonymous

Here are some of my most memorable moments, this last trip.

You can see the whole trip here ~

hidden notes about my panic attack
Kamakura + zen moments
an under note of happiness & letting go ~
couldn’t wait!
happy, lazy days in Osaka ~
quality time with my favorite girl … me! (and Chibi Maruko-chan)
the best last day of hoarding EVER!
and … a love note to Japan

That’s it for now ~

Gotta get back to planning.

But stay tuned for more DC to Japan blog updates and travel ~

Fellow wanderlusters, how do you cope with your quirks when abroad? Comment below.

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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Happy Hauls + Kawaii Journaling for Coping, in Japan was originally published on ipukekawaii’s Kawaii + Creative Corner

9 thoughts on “Happy Hauls + Kawaii Journaling for Coping, in Japan”

  1. This is awesome! I love Japan, visited a few times while teaching and working in South Korea. Now I’m currently in Oman. You for sure have to find your tribe of like minded people while being an expat abroad.


    1. Thanks Nicole! And totally agreed ~ I found my tattoo family/ tribe before I found the robe of people who look like me … but all is well with family & friends all around, so no complaints with the order of findings lol


    1. Ha! I booked my Ar BnB with extra room for 2 other people for the full alone benefits ❤ And don't be jealous! Come with us ^.^ I'll have packages and offerings one day soon. I hope you'll return for that ❤


  2. Thank you for giving us an eye into your trip to Japan. I want to surprise my husband with a trip for his 40th next October. He’s been before and loves Kyoto and wants to go back. I’ve never been and want to visit too.


    1. No problem! And happy early 40 ~ YES! Kyoto is beautiful and all of Japan is a first timers paradise. ❤ I've started blogging almost daily since I'm here now ^.^ If ever I can be of assistance or something you'd like to read about here, please don't hesitate to reach out ^.^


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