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My 1st DC to Japan Opportunity + #supportLIPS Campaign

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Swinging through to ask for help! ^.^

I have an opportunity to present with fellow creatives at the Blacks in Japan conference.

I’ve been asked to be a guest presenter in hopes of growing my clientele and DC to Japan dreams and efforts.

Take time to check it out and support any way you can!

Please help me get to Japan ❤


🌸Ways to Support

Here are the three ways you can support my fall travel to meet this opportunity ~

(👇) Check out the video! (👇)

✨Book a tattoo appointment

My books are now open to appointments for October – December. You can reserve your tattoo date and book at your convenience here.

I am also booking for Japan at Heavy Weight Tattoo ~

 … And of course, if you have questions just contact me!

✨Shop art apparel, art prints, & sticker art at Little INKPLAY Shop
Donate and become a sponsor

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Subscribe to the Blog + Join the Mailing List for updates ^.^

Thank you for your support! ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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My 1st DC to Japan Opportunity + #supportLIPS Campaign was originally published on The Kawaii + Creative Corner

51 thoughts on “My 1st DC to Japan Opportunity + #supportLIPS Campaign”

  1. Living the dream, girl! And I totally love your go getter attitude. BTW, your tattoo arts are beyond intricate and awesome!


  2. That’s some seriously awesome tattoos. I really hope you make it to Japan. It would be such an awesome experience.


  3. Oh wow, your tattoos are stunning. If you’re ever in South Africa please let know, I would love to chat but in the meantime, I’m going to have a look see at you little InkPlay shop. Best of luck with the campaign, I really hope you get to go


    1. Hey! Thanks bunches ❤ I actually have a customer who relocated to Lesoto and in grad school in Johannesburg. We've promised him a trip in a few years so I'll be there! In the meantime, let's definitely chat ~ Hit the contact and shoot me some mail. Let's connect ❤

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  4. What an amazing opportunity for you! You’re work is amazing – I can’t wait to follow your journey!


    1. Hey thanks! I truly appreciate it. Any time you’re around please feel free to drop all the feedback + constructive criticsm you desire. I want to get better and grow this platform to help others with similar goals ❤


  5. You know I have to support you. I want to get some tattoo work from you soon so you can make my Kawaii dreams come true. I have always wanted to go to Tokyo as a black kawaii love I support you in this quest!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This look like a great event to attend! I hope you can make it and wish you a lot of success there!


  7. You have some great ideas for funding your trip! I hope you are able to visit Japan and do your collaboration opportunity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I just didn’t want to say give me money, like something for nothing. No one needs that in their life ^.^ So happy you enjoy and thank you so much ❤


    1. Thank you immensely Aditi. I was able to come and next weekend I’ll be with blacks AND black creatives in Japan, finally meeting some of my long distance internet homies haha


  8. What a cool and wonderful opportunity! I’m going to check out your store. Best of luck with this opp!


    1. Hi hi and thank you so much! If you have (or still planning to) check out the art shop, please feel free to contact me with feedback. Growing is all a part of this process ❤


    1. lol getting from Narita Airport (in Tokyo) to Osaka while your body wants to pass out is beyond an adventure haha But no complaints! I’m blogging here most days, during my trip and you can also enjoy Japan with me on Snapchat and/ or IG (@ipukekawaii) if you’d like ~


    1. Ana! Thank you so much ❤ The art is my studio, Little INKPLAY Shop's logo (a lucky cat) Hopefully there'll be more kawaii + quirky art apparel where that came from! ❤


  9. Wow, your tattoos and design are really kawaii! Do you have a proper crowdfunding account to get donations besides the above options? I bet there will be many people willing to support! Good luck!


    1. Hi Tiffany and thank you! YES my donations were linked to my studio’s Go Fund Me (until we move to Patreon). Thank you for the well wishes. Please don’t be a stranger ^.^


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