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Hobonichi Flipthrough + September Small Goals + DC to Japan

Hi かわいい+ creative family!

Time for monthly goals!!!!! But before we get to that, I’ll share some creativity from the past month.

My blog is undergoing a revamp …

Really I’m just doing some better organisation so that I can share more here.

A recent discovery is that I really enjoy sharing! And one day I want my blog to be a resource tool for future kawaii creatives. Simply, I just want my shares to help ~

So I’m starting with trying an editorial calendar and soon revamping my monthly flip through + small goals format. There’ll be more about that in the coming months. And I’ll build from there.

But if you have any suggestions, drop them in the comments so I can take note!

For naow, let’s see what I was able to do in August ^.^

Enjoy ~

👋👋👋 messy corner >.<

🌸ほぼ日 Flip-through +
#INKPLAY Highlights

August was good! I got anxiety towards the end of it because …

But I got through it ~

celebrating 3 years of Crank + ipukekawaii (ichini) all month ❤
capoeira kids
adventures + DC to Japan launch + tattoo #INKPLAY

💗💗💗 I love me some him 💗💗💗

and we love jellyfish 🐠🐟🐬

I truly enjoyed creating this flower of life bracelet


remember her phoenix we created together?!

7 years & we’ve reunited
… 2 days … 10+ hours …

more work on Kendra’s 1/2 sleeve.

so much fun! ^.^

drawing shortcut 😛
hooray! we finally finished Jamie’s family heritage sleeve
we added to her back … where we started, 11 years ago
it’s been a great month for creativity … naow how bout dem goals?!

🌸August Small Goals


⭕️ more stickers!! + a realistic marketing schedule←look out for themed sticker packs
⭕️ creative direction, vision, & planning for current kawaii branding projects
(more info as we get close ^.^)←finally got those MOA’s out and we’re OFF!✈️


⭕️ revamp webshop sticker drop + marketing schedule←organization is KEY!
❌ create manga & some visual aids for IP Brand VC x BI (with Tim ^.^)←had to organise my work rhythm first >.<


⭕️finish updating back blog … solo close 😩←still going, but it’s going!
⭕️ launch #DCtoJapan! August 15! Leggo←stop by! DCtoJapan.com

🌸September Small Goals


🌸 Halloween print + stickers
🌸 Kawaii Swole (client) OC + blog site work
🌸 conceptualize for Tokyo A-Z Guidebook (client)


🌸30 day fundraiser
🌸Big Blog Give-a-Way
🌸keep back blogging


🌸create new editorial + marketing schedule
🌸plan + announce Japan fall travel/ guest work
🌸VC + BI research & organisation

I think that’s it for me ^.^

gawd bless my tiny editorial calendar … and gawd bless my brain >.<

Got goals and/ or feedback + content suggestions? Comment below ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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