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DC to Japan Top 10 + Travellin’ Ippie-chan + FriYAY Sticker Drop

Happy FriYAY Kawaii + Creative family,

Despite the racial tensions and dark things here in America, I hope is a great one for yah ~

I thought I’d stop by with my first installment of DC to Japan, so far ^.^

I’ve done a lot to keep up with growing this blog (I’m dedicated) and getting things in order before too many blasts come down the pipeline.

So here we go.

Enjoy ~

🌸 Travellin’ Ippie

DC to Japan’s Kawaii Tour Guide

Here’s your first look at Kawaii Travellin’ Ippie-chan✨

Take flight with her as she guides you through my DC to Japan dreams, travels & adventures.

Travellin’ Ippie-chan

Happy FriYAY friends! Have a
Travellin’ Ippie Sticker Pack #1 ♡

We’re taking flight y’all! Shop + Share the collection

🌸 DC to Japan Top 10

Here’s a quick guide through some of this month’s featured posts ~

Check them out!

✨ DC to Japan + The Launch of a New Dedicated Blog

Coming out of my shell and letting m love for kawaii + Japanese culture & language reign ~

✨ Hobonichi Flipthrough + June Small Goals + #DCtoJapan

A hobonichi journal flip through of my May 2017 Spring trip

✨ #dctojapan Spring Adventures + Random Photospam

What the freak do I do on a 13 (THIRTEEN!) hour flight …

✨ Design Festa Vol. 43 + Work Weekend Randomness

Back at DesiFeisu for round two … and I brought back-up *pow*

✨ Being Black in Japan

It’s a thing people always wonder, and while I’ve shared my own words … here’s some from people REALLY living in Japan (I only hang out there)

✨ Touchdown in Japan! Jetlagged & Ready to Party 😸

What are the chances of running into one of my long-term clients half way across the country?!

✨ Japan Preview

A quick glimpse of what my (not so usual) stay in Japan looks like

✨ Moshi Moshi Japan! #dctoJapan

Finally connecting with long time (internet) language exchange friends and an opportunity to meet my favorite artist

✨ TNS Tattoo, My Tattoo Family ♡

What happens when you hit it off with your favorite artist and share your dreams? They become FAMILY! ^.^

✨ Live Painting in Japan, Global Rhythms International Party

My first gig +live painting SOLD in JAPAN … *eek!*

Happy reading until next month’s Top 10 ^.^

I’ll leave you with a photo from my favorite corner kawaii + creative corner

I hope you’re enjoying DC to Japan so far.
Don’t forget to share your reaction!

It’s DC to Japan y’all, get excited! ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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