Hobonichi Flipthrough + June Small Goals + #DCtoJapan

Hi かわいい + creative family!

It’s time to set some goals & intentions for June.

Also, it’s my birthday month and really excited to share what I’ve decided to tackle this month.

But first, may I ask for your prayers and well wishes. I just learned that my dad is battling cancer.

Thankfully, I am keeping up with basic work and things. And though I understand impermanence, suffering and ultimately death, I’m having an extremely hard time grasping everything. It’s just … hard.

So please send prayers and boosters of happy thoughts to the universe on my (and my family’s) behalf.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to grasp my happy like a big girl soon enough.

Arigatou and enjoy ~

🌸ほぼ日 Flip-through + #INKPLAY Highlights

This month’s flip through is shares of my pages & thoughts from my recent Japan trip.

I thought it was fitting since I’m recently cleaning up, branding, and updating the DC to Japan category of  my blog.

a date with myself ~
first days ~


purikura + King of Tattoo
Kamakura + zen moments
Asakusa + Osaka
happy, lazy days in Osaka ~
Chibi Maruko-chan’s birthday + yukata shopping in Harajuku
back to the States ^.^

🎀#INKPLAY Tattoo, Made with Love in Japan

guest work at Heavy Weight Tattoo | 📷 by Gyaro
last day at work ~ | 📷 by Mort
cutie tattooers squad up

🌸May Small Goals + Events

Please forgive me.

A lot of things have not been done and some things have been tabled, thanks to a burst of organisation inspiration compliments of Japan ~


❌Design Nakayoshi Friends (kawaii + otaku) art merch

❌Organize original character profile sheets

❌Print Sakura Nakayoshi friends current art

I found an easier, less intense way to organize my OC’s and available art 😬

✨Big Blog Give-a-Way Follow-up

❌Must complete the tasks so I can past GO!

I’ve completed the tasks but decided to have some merch to include as well. So this is on hold ~

✨Social Media Growth

ipkuekawaii, personal brand

❌Blog | now @ 13K → 14K

❌Instagram | now @ 5597 → 7K

❌Facebook | now @ 4110 → 6K

Little INKPLAY Shop, studio

❌Instagram | now @ 1060 → 2K

❌Facebook | now @ 2705 → 3.5K

I’m just not ready to focus heavily on SNS growth. Give me 1-2 months to revisit this.


⭕️5/20 (Sat) | Harajuku Fashion Walk + Community Picnic

⭕️5/29 (Mon) | Otaku Got Talent KARAOKE

🌸June Small Goals

keeping my goals light this month ~


🌸 emoji stickers

🌸 kawaii OC adoptables


🌸 webshop build for art products


🌸 continue updating for #DCtoJapan

I hope you’re hype for DC to Japan ^.^

What are your goals for the month? Feel free to share below ^.^

Gambare, minna


Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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