My 2017 S.M.A.R.T. Goals Vision Map + Link-Up Party

This is the most creative vision mapping session I’ve ever facilitated!

~Mike Powell | PCG Consults

Hi hi friends & family!

I hope you’re well and happy new year once again!

It’s Monday and my blog is active again! Whoo hoo~

So I thought I’d share my vision map for 2017.

In case you haven’t stopped by since the new year, check out my Kawaii Kwanzaa Challenge.

Also, since I love meeting other creatives and goal-setters, I thought I’d make this a link-up party! (ahhh ~ my first link-up party) All link-up details, buttons and things are at the end of this post!

Aiight! Let’s hit the ground running ~

✨About S.M.A.R.T. Goals Vision Mapping

My long time tattoo customer, Mike Powell, is a principle consult at Powell Consulting Group, his family’s business.

Over the years, Mike’s become far more than a customer. He’s also a great friend and business advisor.

We talk a lot about goals, creative entrepreneurship, dreams, building, helping our community, and so much more! Recently I’ve shared a lot of where my mind has wandered to.

Thankfully, Mike knew he had something I could benefit from to become better organised to reach my goals.

… far beyond a simple vision board, he offered to share a full vision mapping session! *woot!*

He thought it’d be great for me to take a moment to see my year (my first full year in business), learn to name key goals, and map out effective methods and ways to measure my growth.

It’s … S.M.A.R.T.!

The acronym in S.M.A.R.T. goals stands for ~

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Action-oriented
  • Realistic
  • Time-oriented

Check it out!

STOLEN! … from Mike’s Instagram 😁

✨Mapping My Success

My centrepiece features two favorite brands, TokiDoki and Rilakkuma. ^.^

Japanese wishing doll (daruma) stickers to remind me of my goals & creative wishes!

My first goals is to stay visible.It gets overwhelming sometimes, but maybe with a good plan, I can stay consistent.
I have a TON of tattoo related ideas and it’s time to start chipping away at those ~
developing my personal philosophy of kawaii for a better life ^.^
Remember #KAWAIIindaHood and our dreams of a non-profit?! Welp! It’s time to build a serious infrastructure ~
Lastly, I want to start creating products related to my personal brand … so I guess I’ll start here ~

If you’re into this kinda stuffs & want to share your 2017 goals, feel free to link up! ❤


      1. Please link up your posts or photos related to our Creative Collective prompt. Please do not share links to unrelated (or old) posts .
      2. Let’s make friends & nakayoshi. Let’s get along, y’all! Check out some of the other posts, share some love, and leave a comment. ❤
      3. Remember, sharing is caring! If you like this project, tell your friends! I even made a cute little button for your blogs. (yaayyyy productivity) Just copy the code and you’re good to go. 🙂
Gambare ipukekawaii
Gambare ipukekawaii


Happy Monday!

Gambare, minna

Let’s keep in Touch!


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