Be Your Brand Challenge + My Follow-up Goals

There is only one you.

And when you get clear on who you are, what you stand for, and how to convey that in a powerful way, you’ll be completely imitable.

~Kimra |Be True Brand You

Hi friends old and new!

I hope you’re well and happy Monday.

You know what it is for me today … a day to decompress from last week’s hustle and set goals to keep building this week!

Not too sure if you remember my goals for the month. But I mentioned that I’ll be exploring my personal brand a bit more this month.

Funny how you set intentions and goals and then resources just kinda fall out of the sky. *hee hee*

That’s because while I was considering where to start and feeling extremely overwhelmed while toggling over class ideas and to-do’s for Little INKPLAY Shop, Kimra slid into my DM’s.  😳😳😳

She’s the host of my favorite mastermind group, Freedom Hackers. So I wasn’t ignoring this email.

Plus the headline had my favorite word in it *FREE*~

Call me cheap but as a start-up business you quickly get hip to taking free related crash courses and investing (in what you’ll thoroughly commit to, obviously) when absolutely needed.

Anywhoo … Kimra was going to be offering a 5-day build your brand mastermind challenge.

Talk about timing!

All signed up, I knew there was a larger punchline to all of this but I wasn’t joining for that.

In fact, this week’s goals are an extension of her 5-day challenge.

Yup! I got that much out of it. And can’t wait to tell you all about it …

But first let me tell you more about Kimra, the #bybchallenge, and my personal expectations, here.

✨ Be Your Brand Challenge | #bybchallenge

Be sure to visit HERE for more about Kimra and Be True Brand You

Like I said, Kimra slid all up into my DM’s like a ninja with the best thing since sliced bread …

Ok, maybe Pokemon is the best thing, but you know what I mean 😭😭😭

Kimra was hosting a free 5-day brand challenge to help business owners of all experience levels how to gain brand clarity and visibility. I’s called the Be Your Brand Challenge.

Here’s a short recap of what participants were expected to learn.

Day #1: Figure out what you and your brand stand for.
Day #2: Get clear on who you serve.
Day #3: How to put your message out into the world with live-stream video.
Day #4: How to streamline your visual brand and look good online.
Day #5: How to become more visible on Facebook and teach you the best practices for engaging the right way.

From the description alone, it sounded like taking this challenge seriously would be a great first step!

✨ Exploring My Personal Brand, ipukekawaii

I always imagined that a personal brand is your essence or personal touch that brings any professional effort to life.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong … but that’s how I see it.

So with that understanding, I went into this challenge wanting to explore me, ipukekawaii (really Imani K. Brown). ^.^

Taking my (budding) kawaii creative career just as serious as my tattoo career, I feel that every creative project going forward will have a piece of me in it.

Understanding that, in its simplest form, I thought I’d focus on three main things in this challenge ~

  • brand clarity – is ipukekawaii a personal or professional brand and what is allowed as such?
  • refine my social message – this will be important for accepting and aligning myself with like-minded brands and creative projects
  • place Ippie-chan & other art – figure out how my mascot and art plays into the marketing and business of it all

And here I am … ready to start the challenge!So let’s go ~

🎀My Workbook

Kimra prepared a fillable workbook for participants.

And while I really enjoyed something so convenient for notes, it wasn’t me …

And if I’m supposed to be working on MY brand, might as well start with processing things my style!

the week’s focus
prepared a special page in my repurposed Moleskin journal
Little INKPLAY Shop classes are at the forefront of my thoughts *bling*

🎀My Days

Here are some close-ups of what my days were like ~

thoughts from Day 1 still resonate
it’s funny … I couldn’t answer these until I got active for Day 3
what to babble about …
I decided to go live the same day Pokemon Sun & Moon released … tune in and tell me how I did! ☟☟☟(don’t forget to like my FB page pwease ^.^)


my finished piece (oh yeah! I’m #teamlitten)
I did a sweep! Looks good I think …
give your 2¢ by using the social media quick links to see if I’m looking good and leave me a comment on this post ❤
ok! here’s where goals come into play …

✨My Follow-Up Goals

I took heed to Kimra’s repeated word of warning: “you only get out of this 5-step process what you put in” and decided to take days #3  and #5 activities a bit further.

My schedule is generally busy but if I want this, there’s no excuse why I can’t set some guidelines to engage and finish strong. 💪

Day 3

Was the go live challenge. Remember?!

But why go live if I’m going to do it sporadically.

So I’m going to set a schedule so that I can check in weekly … as a human, not a bot behind a keyboard.

I’ll be sure to update you with my decided schedule at next week’s check-in.

Day 5

This challenge is all about getting visible.

I’ll admit, I haven’t done anything past choose the three groups I am to engage in.

There’s good reason for this though ~

I don’t want to start and half a$$ it. It’s the last day and I’d do all that work to flop?! NOPE!

I am going to take this week, from today, to visit and engage in these groups. Hopefully I’ll find a rhythm that will help me continue to be consistent.

I organised my favorite groups so I have NO EXCUSE to stay on committed!

Kimra, if you’re reading this, thank you for hosting such an AMAZING challenge. It was fun and I can definitely revisit this as I grow.

I think I’m off to a good start y’all. What do you think?! Leave me some comments ^.^

Happy Monday!

Gambare, minna

Let’s keep in Touch!


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