#BankBlack Initiative + The 5 W’s + My Industrial Bank Experience, So Far

We must make the business world more accountable to us also. Take, for example, the situation of banks and their relationship to the Black community. Black people put millions of dollars into these banks, but get little or no benefits in return.

~Nation of Islam Minister
#Bank Black Initiative Gains Nationwide Momentum

Hi friends old and new!

Happy Monday. I hope your week’s shaping up to be pretty colourful and goal driven. ^^

This Monday is easy peasy. I want to introduce you to the #bankblack initiative and share a little of why it’s important.

After, I’ll share my personal #bankblack experiences with my new bank, Industrial Bank. 😀

Let’s GO!


✨#BankBlack Initiative

#BankBlack Initiative is a move your money campaign started February 1st 2016, during Black history month by Michael Render (aka Killer Mike) with an announcement via his Instagram.

Since most of these campaigns, on a large-scale, rarely catch on to be successful, I thought I’d look into it while considering my business banking move.

After some digging, I found an article through via Huffington Post, that pretty much answers the 5 W’s (who, what,, when, where, and why).

✨The 5 W’s

“[M]ake sure at least 1 account is with a black bank turning that dollar in our community!”

~Killer Mike


By answering the 5 W’s I am usually weighing the legitimacy of my personal actions. In this case, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just hopping on a bandwagon.

Though it is a great message, I needed more to weigh if banking black was an efficient move.

These are responses, (some) quoted from Render, that I found most important and helpful.


should bank small and/or black?
“If you’re not black, still bank with this bank or a local black bank”


is the benefit to doing this?
“when you bank small, you’re building a real relationship with the people you’re banking with. Small banks appreciate your money in a different way than a national bank”


should I consider opening an account?
NOW! It’s never too late to be financially responsible ^.^


should I open my account?
Any black bank, preferably local (here’s a list)


should I care enough to #bankblack
“Bank black, because, especially if you’re African-American, it strengthens the ability of you to help institutions that will help give small business loans or home loans to people in your community.”

Why bank black? Read more here.

Visit here for information on Black-owned banks in your area.

still dreaming of filling my safe deposit box ❤

As a new business owner and one whose message is centered around growing a community, I think having my dollar within my community is more than important.

So last month, I decided to open my account with my local black bank, Industrial Bank.

✨My Industrial Bank Experience

A Five-Star Experience

So far so good!

Prior to opening my account, I had a lot of questions about business finance, growing with a bank and learning more about how to grow my small business.

My representative was Kortnee Burwell (if you stop by Indsutrial’s 11th & U Street branch, she’s the lady to see! You won’t be sorry) and she took such good care of me, my many many questions, and horrible jokes (I was nervous >.<).

But … I tell yah, I learned more in my short visit to Industrial than I have at ANY other banking institution. (Thank you for being so AMAZING Kortnee!)

  • Everyone is friendly, helpful and efficient.
  • It’s also like Cheers … where everybody knows YOUR name! (not an account number, but your REAL government issued name or at least throne you gave them LOL)

I’ve had to give a call a few times in reference to my new account, the bells and whistles, what’s not working and all that jazz.

  • Everyone personally holds themselves accountable for helping to solve your problem (not too common in customer service these days)

It’s old school. So everything HAS to have your expressed written approval … even down to what you’d like to be able to manage on your online banking.

  • It’s very secure.

They’re banking cards are GREAT! I am big on color theory and to have a banking card with such calming colors make all the difference.

  • great banking card design for anxious people ^^

My Recommendations

I DO have two recommendations though ~

  • Industrial needs to update to the digital age and provide emergency solutions during non-banking business days (i.e. the weekend) ^.^

A friend of mine recently opened his personal account there. His card was not working (an issue I had too) and he called only to find out that he had to wait until the next business banking day to resolve his issue.

He called my beau and asked “Do I let this slide because it’s a Black bank?!” 😹😹😹

In fairness, it’s a legit question! So I think maybe finding a balance between a tried and true old school method and coming into the digital age would help a bit. And encourage more people to open accounts.

It’s a double-edged sword to suggest this since things being more digitally accessible could compromise security.

But on the flip side, not updating causes some terrible banking inconveniences for customers. Since most people like these features from the larger corporations, they bypass being able to bank black, small, or local because of this seemingly minute inconvenience.

Maybe there’s a balance between the two … it’s something worth looking into. *Kanye shrug*

Lastly, more small business banking seminars/ workshops would be great.

I asked the representative who opened my account, Kourtnee, if there were any. I wanted to sign up to learn as much as I can for effective finance management for my new baby.

She informed me that while they do encourage small business banking, there’s not too much on the education front.

If you’re reading this, Industrial Bank, WE WANT IT! Bring on the education! Our community needs it to grow. And if I can help orchestrate in any way, I’m game! ❤

All in all, I am looking forward to a bright financial future with Industrial. I am glad to be doing my (very small) part in helping to recycle my black dollar within my community. ❤

Thanks Killer Mike for such an empowering initiative.

For more on WHY bank black? Read here.

Visit here for information on Black-owned banks in your area.

Gambare, minna

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