Build, Breathe & GAMBARE + September Builds + October Goals

Put your mask on first before helping anyone else with theirs.

~Sound Advice from A Friend

Friends, friends old and new!

It’s Monday so I’m wondering …


There’s a little freestyle to start off your week. Boom!

September’s over so I’m checking in with my accomplishments from the month and sharing some goals for October. 😀 You can catch-up on last month’s business builds and other goals, here.

I’m learning a new self-care tactic (an obvious one at that!).

I’ll share it with you before sharing September’s accomplishments and October’s goals. If you’re building your success, in ANY way, you’ll definitely need this tool.

main drawing station messiness >.<

✨Permission to Breathe

A simple self-care tactic

So I’m now in the process of organising my baby, Little INKPLAY Shop. It’s been a long road, but start here and follow along to see how far we’ve come.

Early in September, I did a double duty full schedule with a lot of worry and very little rest. Which resulted in my body becoming tired and instantly sick.

Life sucked for almost one week. >.<

While still getting better, I’d been playing catch up with emails and apologizing to people for having disappeared, falling short on drawings, etc. But everyone’s responded “life happens. no worries

I couldn’t imagine, for the life of me, why people were taking this so lightly. I mean, people have money on the table for appointments, I have a new house schedule to keep, bills are piling up, and let’s not forget that I need to be planning for Japan sooner than later. >.<

BUT the secret is that everyone I to apologised to has had their own bouts with life happens stuff. They’ve already been through things like this and have given themselves room to breathe!

It wasn’t until I was emailing back and forth with my new inter webs buddy, Prairie, that I understood. A simple tactic for self-care. Especially in business building.

She advised that life happens so I shouldn’t beat myself up when I’m not 100% all of the time. ^^

In other words … I should give myself a little breathing room for things that are important.

She’s ABSOLUTELY right! I’m not 100% all of the time – mentally or physically. And I have to allow for that in order to survive this growth spurt.

I’m thankful for so much positive and supportive feedback from someone I’ve never met. I promise small things like that restores faith in humanity any day. ❤

Now lemme tell yah about September’s banging builds! (‘cuz I’m stoked!)

✨September Accomplishments

I’m stoked ok! ^^ Wait! I already covered my feels. LOL

A few big things happened for September but the biggest are furniture and finances. Shall we?!


I saw my dream furniture IRL in June
furniture was delivered August 31 ^^ I guess you know what September’s goal is! huhuhu
The homies and I puttin’ in work! ^^

The studio is 90% complete. Ten percent is left for appeasing small items and my OCDness.

I am working on a post of Little INKPLAY Shop so far, complete with an obnoxious video. LOL

Subscribe to ipukekawaiiTV since it’ll probably be there first!


Even with a great business manager (& God-mom) finances have give me anxiety!

However, one day I was feeling myself and decided to carpe diem and inquire about banking at Industrial Bank. The things that were important to me are these~

  • black-owned
  • personable
  • invested in small business

I met with a representative, Kortnee, and it was the best banking experience I’ve ever had. ^^

So I opened my business account. It’s free, manageable, and comes with a safe deposit box. GYEAH!

The bank card colors are sooting and inviting, they make me happy!
My safe deposit box is empty, but represents all of the substantial wealth I want to cultivate ;-D

✨October Goals

Gambare script | Imani K. Brown
happy #inktober
  1. I feel like I’ve been all over the place lately. So I am settling down to my blog and Youtube, to start sharing, connecting, and brand building.
  2. I am also going to return to goal setting with a bang! I really want to revisit a few creative things I’ve started and stopped in the past couple years.
  3. For some artsy fartsy practice, I’ll be indulging in some daily doodles and illustration practice for #INKtober. I’ll also be using Abby Sy’s creative lettering challenge as some hobonichi journaling prompts.
  4. Most important, from this day, I only want to enjoy the journey. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a colourful ride. I hope you’ll stick around for it.

If you’re building your own business or brand, let’s share in this wisdom as a kind reminder (Prairie’s wisdom 💗) to build, breathe & keep going. ❤

“Business isn’t a linear progression. There’s starts and stops and detours everywhere.”

Gambare, minna

Let’s keep in Touch!


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