YES Moments + Journaling + My Mastermind Month

Hi friends and happy Monday!

It’s been a rather productive few months for me and enjoying sharing as I go along.

August was my mastermind month where I focused on business building. In this I worked with my business advisor, Tim to do a brain dump of (most of) my creative ideas.

Since most of my ideas have (literally) been only swirling around in my head for years now, it’s a cluster f%&$ of where to start and a lot of questioning of if these ideas are even relevant now.

So to ease my creative anxiety, I turned to my hobonichi techo (ほぼ日手帳) or life book.

For those of you who don’t know what a hobonichi is the best explanation is the Japanese version of a daily journal/ scheduling/ planning system. It includes the moon phases and some quotes (probably inspirational) that I cannot yet read. >.<

Anywhoo ~

I turned to it because when I initially purchased my life book (April 2016), I intended to do some traditional journaling and scrapbooking to see my growth in travels to Japan and as a new girl boss.

✨YES Moments

kawaii haul: Travel Diary Kit by Kaila, Rainbowholic Shop | I also inquired about opening a business bank account this day. It’ll be next month’s financial activity 🙂

As I began journaling my adventures, so many YES moments came from friends near & far (and they don’t even know it! haha)

There were at least 3 YES moments, to let me know that I am on a good path, without question!

  1. I started sharing my pages and someone reached out about creative ideas they’d like to see me put together
  2. talking to my god mom about having a trading party of washi tapes and scrapbooking stationary and my god-sister pushing me to make a washi tape of my own
  3. Kaila (-bka- Rainbowholic) revamping her store with kawaii stationary goods (o hi again stationary addictions >.<) and artist, Abby Sy’s recent book launch, The ABC’s of Journaling ^^ (read more here)

I feel like the universe is truly pushing me to go towards something that will help me open up, in a more genuine and less skeptical of people’s judgement kinda way … yah know?!


doing Abby Sy’s ABC Book Challenge | Day 1

I knew that it would be mentally taxing to try to fill EVERY page, every day. But it’s imperative to see my growth over the next few years, especially and find permission to not stress the days that I have nothing to journal. So to give myself permission, I’m lending missed pages to creative challenges, doodles, and whatever else I consider colourful, creative, and journal worthy.

I start a lot things and fall off a lot, due to a heavy work schedule, so I think it’d be good for me to encourage myself to pick-up where I left off on some projects, paid or unpaid. It’ll help naturally hone my consistency and productivity in some areas. You know?!

✨My MasterMind Month

Let me walk you through some highlights, goals, thoughts and realisations from August ~

overwhelmed and not sure where to start
cleaning up ipukekawaii.com and working on strategic tattoo marketing with ipukekawaii.tattoo
exploring/ organising targeted thoughts exercised and shared in my daily lifestyle – things I hope to better share with others
I’m always judging people’s tattoo choices … so I offer help and feedback at ipukekawaii.tattoo
goals for making a black tattoo artist database/ resource hub
I think kawaii (cute) culture, applied as a lifestyle philosophy, can help give a more positive, self-motivated outlook on life
goals for sharing kawaii as a creative empowerment tool
woot! I organised thoughts to do my first tattoo blog series (feel free to tell me how what you think ^^)
I’m excited to finish this page from Chika-sensei’s & my trip for local kawaii finds (I’ll be sharing it soon please stay tuned ^^)
… and to close out the month I got good news! My business is now registered ^^

My hobonichi is a way to keep me focused with all of my creative thoughts.

How do you keep yourself on task?! Feel free to share in the comments ❤


Let’s keep in Touch!


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