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Cherry Blossom Parade + Sakura Matsuri + Cherry Blast

Hi friends old and new! I hope the day’s treating you well ^^

Welp. I’m in the land of cherry blossoms, but I missed the blossoms >.< And guess what! We JUST had an earthquake. Crazy right?! …

2016-04-16 12.33.29

Now that my nerves are settled enough, let’s keep flashing back … this time to Sakura Matsuri and Events DC/ Art Whino’s Cherry Blast. If you didn’t already, please check out the piece I did, Hanami Over Harajuku, for the Cherry Blast show.

The day for cherry blossom EVERYTHING was SUPER long, starting at 9am (gaaahhhhhh >.<) But, as always, it was so worth it!

First was the parade, then sakura matsuri (street festival), and later that evening was Cherry Blast. Before hopping to it though, I must give fair warning ~

Fair Warning: This post is super duper photo heavy!!!!! ^^

Other than that, please enjoy ~

CherryBlossom Parade

The parade was super fun! This year we had the pleasure of repping more kawaii than ever in DC.

Fellow community members were chosen to ride with the NHK float with Sebastian Masauda. So we went all in, meeting up so we could be there cheering them from the sidelines ~

2016-04-16 11.27.21


2016-04-16 10.32.20
@mahouprince gave out candy bracelets
2016-04-16 11.34.02
kawaii Ben Franklin ^^

But of course so much more happened in the streets haha

when you love your comm so hard!

Please have some snaps from the day ~

snapchat | ipukekawaii

2016-04-16 10.24.11
And off to Sakura Matsuri!


Sakura Matsuri is DC’s annual cherry blossom street festival hosted by Japan America Society of Washington, DC (JASW). Read more about DC KawaiiStyle x sakura matsuri check out Just Dandy’s festival recap.

2016-04-16 14.12.13

For me, it’s always a great time to catch up with (in real life) friends I only see on the internet, these days. ^^

Meet my good friend, fellow comm member, and ‘tell it like it is’ boo thang Cat. I love her to pieces though we don’t get to kick it nearly as much. But she’s a great ball of positive energy I enjoy being around when the opportunity presents itself. (Thanks always Cat!!! ^^)

We decided that beer was in order before we festivaled ANYTHING. So you know we did ~

first time for frozen beer on top!
first time for frozen beer on top!
2016-04-16 14.04.31
Sereene found me! Big hugs all around ^^

More community cuties ^^

2016-04-16 14.13.49

Snappy snap snap snap! ^^ | @ipukekawaii

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