DC Kawaii Style, DC to Japan

Hanami Fun with DC KawaiiStyle 💗💕✨

HI friends!

Hanami day was cold and now it’s May and it’s still cold >.<

So I thought I’d enjoy easing into the week and my trip to Japan by flashing back to our kawaii community’s makeshift hanami, hosted by Terra, last month.

It was so much fun!


In case you don’t know what hanami (花見 → はなみ), it literally means flower viewing. In most cases, though, it refers to viewing cherry blossoms (… or sakura).

Modern-day hanami mostly consists of having an outdoor party beneath the sakura during daytime or at night.

ohanami B(3)
Art by Little Miss Paintbrush | Japan Lover Me

The date of our hanami wasn’t weather friendly, but instead of cancelling we decided to relocate, enjoying the spirit of cherry blossom season and welcome spring by having an indoor picnic.

Terra was our hostess with the mostest and did an amazing job! (so proud of her #thugtears) ❤

Please enjoy! ~

DC KawaiiStyle hanami squad


homemade Taiyaki (mmmmm ~)

DC KawaiiStyle hanami squad

DC KawaiiStyle hanami squad

DC KawaiiStyle hanami squad

Please have some snaps from the day ~

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Because Terra’s a real life magical girl ❤

DC KawaiiStyle hanami squad

Until next meet-up,

With lots of 💗
~DC KawaiiStyle

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