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Month at a Glance| May’s Creative Workflow

Hi friends and Happy frakkin’ MAY!

I’m SO ECXITED it’s creative work flow time. Which means it’s time to get organised and crush some goals! *woot!*

Before I start though, let me sincerely apologize for not being able to share my monthly tattoo round-up. I want to … I SWEAR! But I’m up to my eye balls in some tattoo customer appreciation, HELLO #TATTUESDAY blog things, and helping set up for the Ladies of Ink Summer Tattoo Tour.

imani k brown at Cherry Blast
me & mini mii at Cherry Blast

It’s yet another month of organisation, brain dumps and tattooing, this month. As I shared last month, these monthly workflow posts are just my organising and (visually) seeing what I have set out before me for the month to keep me on my on task with my organising goals.

But before we start, let’s recap and see how I did from last month’s creative work flow~

My top goal was to stick with my new Instagram format. I’m not doing too bad and it seems that people are enjoying! *three cheers!!!!!*

Now here’s more from my creative work flow last month …

Last month wasn’t too bad! I moved into my new studio space (there’ll be more about that soon) and getting ready for my semi-annual pilgrimage to Japan. *more cheers!!!* In short, I got through it!

But before sharing May’s goal, here’s a quick look at how I did last month ~

  • stick to my blogging schedule for April (meh ~ I only had three posts to do, and did one >.< )
  • continue with 2 chosen link-ups (MSC monthly goals & PAC creative chaos) (I did goals ONLY)
  • ipukekawaii tattoo colouring book work (collaborating with a cutie on this one!) (started work!)
  • start sharing daily tattoo/ kawaii updates on #supportLIPS blog (started, stopped, revamped & ready to launch HELLO #TATTuesday blog)
  • bookings for May #INKPLAY tattoo appointments in Japan (it’s going well!)
  • kawaii DC tumblr DIY, blog it! (done it!)
  • Girl Scouts of America Central Maryland’s Girl Con, blog it! (soon >.<)
  • HAPPY Birthday #KAWAIIindaHood + Kawaii Art at E.L. Haynes Wellness Day, blog it! (soon!)
  • update DC KawaiiStyle with kawaii event reports (soon!)
  • update I.P. Brand Ink & Art portfolio & art event reports (soon!)
  • schedule and plan for next month!
  • commit to my new kawaii Instagram format

✨ My Goals

I am a workaholic with a large to-do list and some times my goals have sub-goals and ripple effects. *tee hee* Blogging is a tool I will soon be able to use in a grand way so I have a lot to learn. It’s overwhelming to start, but I think I have a handle on my sub-goals here that I would like use for growing other passions and projects.

Here are some things I plan to start checking off THIS month as I get better at blogging, branding and networking. ^^

  • Girl Scouts of America Central Maryland’s Girl Con, blog it! (soon >.<)
  • HAPPY Birthday #KAWAIIindaHood + Kawaii Art at E.L. Haynes Wellness Day, blog it! (soon!)
  • Makeshift hanami
  • Sakura Matsuri & Cherry Blast
  • IP Brand Japanese translation things
  • launch customer appreciation campaign
  • prepare more for HELLO #TATTUESday blog launch, June 12
  • prepare more for Little INKPLAY Shop grand opening, June 12

Let’s shout GAMBARE!

I am all about encouraging each other. So here at Gambare ipukekawaii, you a part of a community, whether it’s seen or unseen. ^^ So please keep reading for a communal accountability activity at the end of this post. Let’s work on encouraging each other through our crazy dreams and goals~ K!

So let’s hop to it with April’s creative workflow!

MyCreative Life

It’s crazy how I used to have to wait until spring and summer hit before being asked about themed tattoo days/ months, group shows, and other creative deeds. But these days, it’s almost always a full calendar of creativity and I am more than thankful. Hooray for growth, yea?! *freeze frame high-five*

There are no HUGE creative deets for May … you know, except for summer 2016 in Japan!!!!

I’ll be presenting at Design Festa Vol. 43 and doing tattoo guest work at Heavy Weight Tattoo.

Japan summer 2016

✨Little INKPLAY Shop | Private Studio OPEN!

My spiffy new private studio (& kawaii culture hub) is NOW OPEN!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for June 12! It’s the studio’s grand opening and the launch of Hello #TATTUESday! ❤

If you’re interested in my work or making a tattoo appointment, you can book here, at your convenience!

Now, I have to organise for my customer appreciation storytelling idea! This’ll be a super fun project and creative way to say THANK YOU! Until then, please enjoy my past tattoo round-ups and other tattoo Tuesday shares ~

hello Tattuesday

On theBlog

There’s not much here this month. I’ll be updating from a few creative things I got to do last month. And soon I’ll DEFINITELY be sharing my translations for I.P. Brand marketing and (hopefully) more from my trips to Japan … but don’t hold your breath for May. Hello #TATTUESday is coming!

Either way, it’ll be a SUPER busy month so I don’t want to promise and can’t deliver. Gomen ne!

For now, enjoy my featured posts and let’s continue to get to know each other, yeah?! Leave comments, share the posts, hashtag me and let’s play! ^^

main screen copy

Before going, let me say that I’m pretty excited about this $5 purchase from target, a goal-setting journal ❤

Carpe Diem

I think it’s safe to say that May will be pretty busy, superbly, fun, and all types of KAWAII!

Of course, I am open to feedback, comments, and constructive criticism so please don’t be shy! Hold me accountable, I warmly welcome it ~

Now, let’s shout GAMABRE!

Let’s share in some resounding Gambare cheers for someone else to reach their dreams & goals.

Remember … someone is rooting for you to touch your dreams so let’s always pay it forward!

[bctt tweet=”GAMBARE friends & paint your day bright ^^ love, #ipukekawaii”]


Let’s keep in Touch!


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