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5 Fandom Friday |Geeky Tattoos I Have (Done)

Happy Fandom Friday friends!

So my first Fandom Friday was super cool (& fun!). But I missed last week because the topic was food related *sigh* and I don’t really do food too well. So I had to sit in time out and watch my friends play. haha

But I think it’s safe to say I can stand on my own for this week’s Fandom Friday.

Why?! Tattoos baby! That’s right … those tattoos.. ^^

This week is about geeky tattoos that we have or want, but these days, I don’t really share my personal tattoo collection. So of course this Fandom Friday has a twist on my part and I’ll be sharing the geeky tattoos that I have done!

Ok, so now that the intro to this post is put the way, let’s get to the meat and potatoes.


🎀✨ Doctor Who Bowtie & Galifreyan Script

Whovian to Whovian, this was a blast!

Everyone gets a Tardis (yawn ~) and without too much explanation, no one knows how special the bow tie is on its own (which is what she originally wanted).

So we added some “pop” by merging our Doctor Who fandoms, including the time lord seal to the bow and the Galifreyan script for my love, River Song’s “Hello Sweetie“. That’s usually how I greet Angela when she comes in the shop … whether she’s getting tattooed or nah~

And we’re the only two geeks who get the greeting. huhuhu


🎀✨ Osamu Tezuka-san is F*cking GOOD!

Hello godfather of Manga! I am so happy a customer tapped into ALL of m love for Tezuka sensei and asked for some very special pieces – Astro Boy (who doesn’t know Astro Boy) and the super cute Bokko from the 60’s classic Wonder 3!

My Japan preview from my last trip doesn’t mention it, but there’ll be more in coming days on my love for Osamu Tezuka and shares from my time (all the time huhuhu) at Tezuka Museum so please stay tuned ~

🎀✨ Wa Power, Protection, & Good Fortune

Here is one of my earlier ideas of wabori (Japenese-style tattoo) and surprisingly I still LOVE IT! ^^

It’s got all the good fortune and luck things that I am attracted to. You KNOW the daruma and manekineko (lucky cats) had to be huge. I told you I love them here! And don’t worry … as I get a handle on the idea of blogging, there’ll be more. *evil grin*

Lindsey even made a wish as we did his daruma. Over time, it came true by the end of his sessions, which is why both eyes are filled in.


🎀✨ Magical Fight Like a Girl Gangtsa Ish ~

What what! I LOVE the magical girls and women warriors who sit in my chair so these are always an honour. Here are a few~



❥ FightLike A (Magical) Girl 


❥ She-Ra | (Black) Princess of Power


🎀✨ A Little Neil Geiman Inspiration

I think Cee-lo said it best ~

“… and what I believe within, I engrave it in my skin” and a couple of years ago, I had the privilege of tattooing my friend and ratchet magical girl Jamilla. It was such a fun session and I always have a bit of nostalgia and get a bit choked up (but I won’t cry … cuz I’m a thug! ^^) when I go back and read her tattoo experience. Check it out here.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s 5 Fandom Friday and thanks for looking ~

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