Hanging Out with My Friend Kim “But Mom” for Working Together Wednesday

Hi friends and happy Monday!

Mondays here are all about inspiration and productivity. So of course, if I’m not talking about my goals I am aiming to share something inspiring. What better way to start your week right?!

This month is all about getting social for me and finding my tribe. While I know it will take some time, I am taking opportunities of sharing my bits of color with new blogging buds who have link-ups, monthly challenges, inspiring series, guest bloggers, etc.

At some point, I met Kim, fellow blogger and overall cool person, during a twitter link exchange. She tweeted about her Working Together Wednesday series. After a retweet and growing a pair (haha) I reached out and what do I know?! Kim reached back. And I am so grateful.


Here’s my feature she shared for Working Together Wednesday.

Please check it out here!

Also, please be kind and click the link at the bottom of her post. She’s in the running for one of the top mommy blogs. And one thing about the blogging community (which I love) is supporting each other! So I’ll ask that the same way you stop past and read and support me here. Become an extension of me and support her too! We both thank you in advance.

Happy Monday and enjoy another week of crushing your goals

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Hanging Out with My Friend Kim “But Mom” for Working Together Wednesday was originally published on The Kawaii + Creative Corner

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