5 Fandom Friday | Smartphone Apps I Cannot Live Without

Hi everyone and happy Friday (again)!

This is my first 5 Fandom Friday with my lovely Female Geek Bloggers family. I am just starting to get a bit more active there. And I’m loving it ~

About 5 Fandom Friday


From Nerdy Girlie: 5 Fandom Friday is a weekly nerdy link up Super Space Chick and I began in October of 2014. We encourage all bloggers to participate, as much or as little as they choose! We also like it when you make the prompt your own. Feel free to change it to suit your style. 

👀! I’m following instructions: Since most of my shares these days are through a kawaii filter, as I fervently introduce myself and my blog, I thought I’d fall in with some 5 fandom Fridays with a Kawaii twist. ^^

This Friday was a make-up day (yaaayyyyy!!!) and I got to read some of my otaku sisters’ blogs while searching for my make-up topic. I decided to fall in line with Alice’s Smartphone Apps I Cannot Live Without since I am ALWAYS on my phone, but never am I talking. haha


No, seriously! Most times you can find me with my head down in my phone catching up with clients, editing pictures, updating portfolios, doing the social media things, laughing with my beau, scheduling blogs posts (well, that’s these days) … literally anything except talking on it. 😅 With a good number of apps mostly for productivity and travel, I do have some that I enjoy toggling with daily that help keep my kawaii creative life on track.

So now that’s out the way, here’s my 5 (kawaii) …

Smartphone Apps I Cannot Live Without

✨ CocoPPAlp-top-01

CocoPPA was the way to go for a jailbroken look to your phone without having to jailbreak it. Yet another app that I have been with since it’s beginning (the other is 7 cups of tea) it’s growth is phenomenal. These days I use CocoPPA to create kawaii shortcut buttons to websites & bookmarks using my art and other kawaii images, as well as the occasional background switcheroo.

 ✨ Snapeee

jp.co.mindpl.Snapeee_3.pngWho doesn’t like purikura … in your HAND! ^^
However, sometimes too many cute options can be
overwhelming, so I truly enjoy Snapeees limited (free) choice to start. I also enjoy their filter combinations. In that past, I have had to use multiple photo apps for the look I wanted but now it’s all in one! I’m using snapeee to rebrand my Instagram with a more kawaii pastel-themed gallery. I haven’t found the exact look I want for most posts but I’m close. Feel free to stop by and like a pic and/ or comment to tell me how I’m doing. ^^


I LOVE LINE and so does my beau. LINE has an line-thumbengaging platform like Facebook but better. I use this app more than I use text. It keeps me connected to my second home and family in Japan and close to my beau when I’m over 13,000 miles away. We use stamps ferociously and often forget theta regular phone features exist. It also encourages creative entrepreneurship with LINE’s creators market, which I am obviously a part of. huhuhu It’s another app that I have been with since its early days and extremely happy with this franchise, overall.

✨ Deco Girl Calendar ・デコガール

screen480x480This is my everyday calendar. I usually record how I feel, any
sickness, mental health, and things to do here. My iCal also syncs nicely so I can look at colourful instead of drab! 😀

 ✨ Petatto・ペタットunnamed

Recently I have longed to do some hobonichi journaling and hope to grab my first hobonichi in May. But for now I use this app as my little hobonichi play thing when I need to have my hands active but hyper focused on listening. Since the calendars don’t sync and there is no information there it’s far less distraction than my Deco Girls calendar.


And … in case you didn’t believe that my phone and I have a thing going on … here’s proof! ^^


Let’s trade apps ~

[bctt tweet=”What are some of your favorite smart phone apps? #fandom5 #5fandonfriday”]

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