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Our {Humble} Kawaii Kickback & Art Party

Otsukaresama desu minna~

And another かわいいachievement clocked for DC KawaiiStyle and my (personal) growth. ^^

2016-02-13 20.04.29

❣ #supportLIPS | Learn Japan | Lyric Prince | Jordan Spooner Cakes ❣

This past Saturday, DC KawaiiStyle hosted an event at National Harbor’s Art Whino. You can read about the start of this craziness and my experience in planning here. Truthfully, I have been a little down on myself for not reaching certain number goals, but all things considered, I think it’s safe to say that this was a good night!

The full event report will be posted to DC KawaiiStyle soon (tomorrow @ 11AM) but wanted to slide through for a moment with a look at some of my own personal accounts. I needed to do this for myself, so that I don’t beat myself up for not reaching a numbers goal and to remind myself that (most of) the joy is in … the journey, not necessarily the end destination. Though, honestly, I don’t see any end for this kawaii journey in sight. *evil grin*

This isn’t something I could have pulled of by myself. >.< I’m going down the list a bit in this post, but here is my everyday dream team of cheerleaders I am perpetually thankful for.

Shall we proceed with much love from this event?! ❤

ManyMany Thanks!

As I recount the highlights of the event, let me say that I have many thanks to give. I am extremely pleased to share that this building a kawaii community thing is happening – slow and steady. ^^


Thank you for sticking by me and getting to know the crazy behind the creative. I appreciate that you’re so dedicated to this journey and bless the day I started crying #thugtears for your own kawaii journey! ❤

2016-02-13 20.10.42

#supportLIPS doer of all things kawaii, DC KawaiiStyle’s resident magical girl x bento bakestress, Terra!!!!!


Live Painting | Lyric Prince

El Peano!!!!! We just met and I feel like we’re kindred spirits. Thankful for your enthusiasm and willingness. Also thank you for your warm words and kind reminders when I thought I failed you. I hope life brings us together again for another kakkoii x kawaii project.

I can’t wait to hang out with you at some of our kawaii meet-ups around the city.

2016-02-13 20.14.54

creeping on Lyric Prince x Tim Rodgers … look at my artist friends doing art things *squeals*

2016-02-13 20.04.41

2016-02-13 20.10.17

thank you for making me into a Lyric Prince-style flower


Sound Set DJ | Download Mix Here

Thank you so much for your eagerness to share a soundest with us! Everyone hung out and vibes to your vibes. That alone made me smile. Next time, I’ll probably need business cards since so many people had questions about the DJ. 😀


he wasn’t really there so here’s a pic of JANDRO in his usual office 😀

SpoonyBakes Cakes

Supplier of the Sweet Treats | Jordan Spooner Bakes Cakes

I miss your pink hair, but you have never changed. 😀 I am so thankful we became friends, thank you Spoony. I am so happy for your new life that’s soon to start and promise to always be here to throw a kawaii party just for your sweet treats. ❤

Love you Spoony 😛

2016-02-13 22.02.38-1

yatta~ she’s finally selling her cake pops!!!!!

2016-02-13 22.03.19

Spoony for #supportLIPS ❤

2016-02-13 20.11.05

the cake on her card looks so unreal 😀

Otakus& Geeks

Major Sponsor | Kakkooii Kawaii Give-a-Way | Otakus & Geeks

Thanks Justin and O & G fam for always being in my corner. I got my blogging start with these loves almost 4 years ago now (maybe more haha) and regardless of how crazy my life gets, Justin keeps me on. I do guest blogging there now, but always happy to support and be supported by immediate family (so to speak). Thank you guys and here’s to us growing together in 2016!

My muahfuggin’ family! I love you guys.

2016-02-13 20.31.52

2016-02-13 20.01.47

give-a-way prizes ❤

BlackFairy Tia

Clutch SNS Mistress | BlackFarie

Thank you for all of your warmth and encouragement Tia. I am so happy to have seen you a little less reserved, a little more turnt up. You know the sentiment is returned and happy to support you in all of your future endeavours.

THANK YOU for having such a great time! 😀


Tia was being a super busy bee, so I didn’t get a shot of her in action … so I stole one haha

LootBag Sponsors

I cried at a post from one of the sponsors. She was just happy to help. But I think you guys should know that we were truly happy to have you all! Everyone enjoyed your loot so much and we had fun drooling over things as we put the bags together.

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!<3

Brichibi Cosplay | Cherryko | Evon Von | Grace’s Cospace | Grace of the Goddess

OurKawaii Guests

Some of you all were pulled off the streets by the black fairy herself (nope! that’s not me … it’s my homie Tia) with promises of booze and others just wandered in. Either way … we were extremely happy to have you all! ❤

2016-02-13 20.49.06

Black Girls are Kawaii fam came thru y’all ~ Check out their exploding Youtube channel

2016-02-13 21.56.39

✨ Fairy Aylin braved the cold & stopped by sharing some kawaii empowerment & being all magical ✨
Check out her super inspirational video here


2016-02-13 21.08.23


Last but not least … Shane! Thank you so much for believing in the spirit of kawaii and helping us spread it at your space. I hope we can it again sometime, soon. ❤

2016-02-13 18.10.36

Minna, iro iro kanshashite imasu. Itsumo arigatou gozaimasu~
Thanks for everything everyone. Otsukaresama desu!

Until the next amazing event~ipukekawaii.gif



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