A Museum Date & A Japanese Lesson & A Business Meeting in ONE! 

Hi friends and happy Friday!

We’re waiting for snow around these parts so I’ll be at home having a creatively uneventful weekend. 😀 But since its gloomy, let’s rewind to Japanese class this past Wednesday. It was cold (REALLY cold) but a little sunny out. Chika sensei and I had a few hours to spare, so we met at the Sackler for the Sōtatsu Making Waves exhibit (yes I went AGAIN!) and tea.

2016-01-20 14.00.57

I LOVE my Japanese teacher. Over the years (six and counting, by the way) she has become not just my sensei, but she is also one of my best friends. I am also excited that recently we have become business partners. So naturally our Japanese lessons are no longer JUST Japanese lessons. haha Instead, it’s Japanese mixed with a bit of girl talk and some business planning. An hour (our designated study time together) isn’t long enough for this so days like Wednesday with a few hours to kick it is a treat for us.


2016-01-20 14.19.05

We took some time for some Japanese study, doodling, and conversing in the interactive Design Your Own Fan section of the exhibit. Since it was a weekday, it was really nice and quiet. No one else came to sit and draw or bothered us at all. 😀 One of the security guards even sat and doodled with us a bit. LOL

2016-01-20 15.03.09

A lot of these sessions are a learning exchange for us. So she teaches me Japanese and I teach her simple guerrilla marketing tactics for (us) shy people. LOL

So I got to teach her how I use opportunities like this for some quirky free advertisement. My motto is that you never know who’ll see it and you’re not harming anyone the process. So at the end of the day it’s still a win/ win~

2016-01-20 15.01.52


I had to practice writing the kanji with fude (筆 → ふで) or Japanese brush pen and put the phrase in the talk bubbles >.<

2016-01-20 15.02.03

2016-01-20 15.05.07

Please visit Learn Japan & ipukekawaii

Now to hop to my homework … blogging about this Japanese. >.< But I’ll leave you with some other images I found calming and refreshing while around the way 😀

dried himawari (sunflower) decoration

views from the gardens behind Smithsonian Institution

My next visit will be with Black Girls are Kawaii DC but I think we will be visiting the Natural History Museum. Which should be super cool. ^^ Otanoshimi ni!

Happy learning everyone~


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