DC to Japan

Being Black in Japan

Kon’nichiwa kawaii + creative family …



It’s HUGE to be able to feel comfortable and safe in your own skin.

But I don’t think it happens too often for blacks who don’t travel beyond the US borders.

So today’s inspo is compliments of one of my best creeps friends and amazing stencil artist, Kevin Hunt.

He said a lot of what was shared in the video reminded him about my travels back and forth. (Thanks bunches Kevin!!!!!)

The Movie

Being Black in Japan. 8 Black People living in Japan describe their experiences.


Hopefully it will encourage others (of my community, especially) who have the means to travel abroad to do so, too! ^^

My Reaction

After I watched it, I got inspired all over again, to keep pressing to bring kawaii to DC.

A lot of these feelings is WHY I enjoy my back & forth to Japan.

It’s the first time I legit forgot I was black, wasn’t worried about skin color and the prejudices that come with them. I felt temporarily liberated and did not want to return home.

It’s the first time the dots connected that I was in Japan and I wasn’t supposed to be (by society standards).

That is when I realised that with consistency, dedication, and a lot of elbow grease, I can transcend my dreams and make them reality.

Now that I am in some of my biggest dreams, I want nothing more than to use my life as an example for others, youth especially.

I want to be an advocate for youth being creative and expressive, living their dreams, & thinking outside the box to transcend circumstances. That feeling is the sole reason I want to help transmit kawaii culture to DC for youth who may not ever have the opportunity to immerse themselves in other cultures and life experiences beyond the US.

Before I proceed with my #dctojapan updates from this last trip, I may have to take a moment to revisit that feeling.

I am sure it will help me transit more of my spirit and passion for my Little INKPLAY Shop dreams and efforts. ❤

Thanks for reading!

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Gambare, minna


Imani (イマーニ)

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