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DC KawaiiStyle Culture & Eats Meet-Up

Great afternoon friends!

I am super stoked to have gotten up early to blog about DC KawaiiStyle’s first meet of the year! ^^

2016-01-10 14.24.51

For our first meet, we visited the Smithsonian Sackler Gallery for the groundbreaking Sōtatsu Making Waves exhibit. For less of my experience and more of the group’s, be sure to head over to DC KawaiiStyle and check it out. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog there and follow the community on Twitter, Instagram, or join us on Facebook. OK?!

2016-01-10 12.50.36

Here’s my personal account of the day. I hope you enjoy and maybe join us for a meet (or a few~).


I never plan my coords. I have tried but my A.D.D. won’t let me be great. haha Instead of stressing, I subscribe to dressing by mood. I don’t dress for the other gender but merely for what helps me get through the day in a fun and positive way. (If you say that out loud, it sounds like I did a freestyle … oops did it again haha) The Japanese fashion that loosely translates to this is aomoji kei.

2016-01-10 11.22.06

 Aomojikei fashion is a girly, casual fashion that isn’t meant to carry favor with men. Compared to those who support akamoji-kei, those who wear aomoji-kei fashion tend to like fashion from Harajuku more than the gyaru fashion originating from Shibuya, and have a strong tendency to like casual, creative fashion. Its level of support mainly comes from late teens to early twenties who adopt the fashion based on the things they think are nice without caring about the viewpoints of the opposite sex {Read more about the style from one of my favorite Kawaii Phillipines posts, here}

The sub to this subculture fashion is pop kei, which can be summed up as a culmination of kawaii, 80’s pop fashion, vintage cute and sports gear clothing.  Some style staples of Pop Kei looks are
・Polka-dots, stripes, & plaids
・Denim and leather aspects
・Dark or even black garments
・Graphic prints
・80’s pop aspects

・Sneakers, baseball caps & bomber jackets

Hmmmm … thinking about a pop kei style with a sukajan I am saving up for now … ^^

Instagram and twitter tell me that this look is popular, so if you’d like to see more of my fun, colourful kawaii looks, please feel free to check out my lookbook.

2016-01-10 12.50.46

PopKei Princess

Waiting …

for more friends to join us and playing around with dramatic lighting with Quinn and Flo.

2016-01-10 12.16.47

2016-01-10 12.24.22

The Smithsonian Castle security guard asked for a photo. In exchange he gave us inspirational words as we left to start our outting. We also did Smithsonian Mosaics, basically a giant selfie machine that will turn your photo into a mosaic using thumbnails from Smithsonian collections.

FUN! (& brilliant!) interactive marketing

2016-01-10 12.48.35


21 monkeys sculpture done in 21 different languages or writing systems


We couldn’t take pictures in the exhibit … sowwies! >.< But gawd bless the D.I.Y. section. I am really happy that more museums are including elements like these in their exhibits. ^^

2016-01-10 13.37.17

2016-01-10 13.35.56

2016-01-10 13.36.41


MuseumStore Finds

2016-01-10 14.10.27

kokeshi & manekineko love!!!!!! ❤

2016-01-10 14.18.02

manekineko earrings … so cute!

really cool gold dragon D.I.Y. from the Sōtatsu exhibit

Here is something I found interesting … Egyptian references in the Asian Art museum. Hmmmm …
Don’t worry! I asked questions and now need to do some pre 1800’s research (thanks! museum store lady for your knowledgable answer and I can’t wait until we speak again!)

Offto Tea

We started to head over to Teasim’s Penn Quarter location for some nom noms and conversation. So many meet-up ideas happened … the entire first 6 months are already planned. Go DC KawaiiStyle!

2016-01-10 14.43.00

(☝︎) don’t mind me … just making new friends along the way ~ (☟)

2016-01-10 14.49.19


It was a great day! Walking back to the metro, a WMATA Transit photographer stooped us and asked to take our photos. Can you tell that DC hasn’t seen color like this in forever and we need more of it?! ^^

Fashion Group Gallery Place 011016-8902

These last two are photo compliments of WMATA Transit photographer, Larry Levine.

Fashion Group Gallery Place 011016-8918

It was so beautiful and I am ecstatic to go back as a Japanese lesson next week. Hopefully I can share some things about the exhibit in Japanese huhuhu *eek!*

How about you?! Been to any good and inspiring exhibits lately?!





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