Today Was Busy But Not So Much A Tattoo Tuesday

Hi friends! Not too sure if everyone knows (yet) BUT I have a HUGE dream for a forever kawaii space in DC. I started a Go Fund Me, and it’s been a bit successful but I’ll need to do more!

My good friend, Kaila was hired as kawaii consultant to help me get things in place and it was a helluva learning experience, let me tell you! I am forever thankful for her guidance and patience. I am sure I was super annoying inquisitive  but she was able to answer a lot of things based on her own trial and error.

2015-11-24 17.07.56

Since then, my crowd funding efforts have drastically changed but I am still at a very difficult step, identifying my two-fold niche of kawaii and tattoo enthusiasts. In a post to bring in 2016, I shared our 2015 (and some of 2014) start for starting to introduce DC to kawaii culture. You can read or refresh here. Friends are now gathering in (thank you Lucretia, Minna, Kokayi and Mirta-chan) with ideas of how to spread the message of kawaii, my dreams, and get people to donate to the cause so that we can move past this step a little, but realistically, it might be a while. It’s SO HARD!!!!! >.< I am also learning a bunch of new things as far as finances and book-keeping. (FYI, my head might explode 😳😶) So here were my not so Tattoo Tuesday tasks.


Usually, I am writing a post about tattoo life for Tattoo Tuesday over at #supportLIPS, but I wasn’t so inspired to do so today. (It happens when my mind is cluttered with things … and it’s definitely cluttered right now >>.<<) Also today’s tattoo appointment was a no-show, so I thought I would simply dedicate today to working on #supportLIPS things and prepare for our financials meeting this evening.

First thing’s first though. Mirta-chan was kind enough to give some suggestions to help clean-up the #supportLIPS blog and make some important things (like how to donate) more visible. I also found myself separating the most important categories I would like people to read from. Three or four hours later and voila! … a spiffy new #supportLIPS space.

What do you think?!


This evening was financials with the numbers guru and #supportLIPS business manager, Debbie. You can check TeamLIPS here. WHOAH. This is where I thought my head would explode, but Debbie’s main goal in helping me learn how to better handle my finances going forward is to “make my headaches less”, since financials bring me such anxiety.

We JUST spent two hours building a template for my financials and learning how to populate cells via Excel and the only lighthearted thing that I have to show for it is my entitled cat who is now considered a personal expense. >.<

mingus tweet

mingus copyexpense report proof!

I’ll be sharing more on my #supportLIPS progress. If you’re interested in my efforts for any reason, please feel free to follow the category here and follow the #supportLIPS blog. The more friends the merrier! =^.^=


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