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Event Report: Design Festa Vol. 42

Hi kawaii + creative family!

Well, THIS event report is a long time coming ;__; but I am super happy to share my first ever experience at Design Festa as an artist and participant.

In case you didn’t know, Design Festa was a dream of mine for experience of working and marketing myself in Japan (feel free to read more about my dreams of working in Japan). 😀

Well folks! It was truly a dream come true!!!!!

🌸Little INKPLAY Shop, Booth J-144

Little INKPLAY Shop, Yokoso!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Welcome to my spot!

It was small and quaint but I got to call it home for two days.

It was here that I met some amazing artist, chatted with folks in English
(I was so overwhelmed I was so happy to be able to chat it up with some folks in English haha)


☝︎photos by Kaila

My space featured cat price tags and a doodle pad.

I am shy so I usually do live painting or something that allows people into “my world” so to speak and lets me zone out in a creative and productive way.

It was too much to take things for live painting there so I grabbed a sketch book and brush pens.

I doodled the day away (I actually worked on ideas for other projects … ‘cuz multitasking haha) and set pens out for people who are just as shy to doodle too!

As always, it worked~

🌸Help from Friends

I set up to work at a convention, foreign to me, all by myself!

WHOAH what was I thinking?! I was probably thinking these are my dreams and no one else’s worry, so I’ll just do my best.

BUT the universe knew that I needed help and it was kind to me and sent it.

My family and friends held down the fort all of Sunday so that I could walk around and take in some of the convention .. oh! and so I could use the bathroom with less pressure 😭😹

The lines were long so I made a bathroom break sign for Saturday.

Every time I had to use the bathroom I set that out, made sure pens and the doodle pad was there and set off on my long adventure. >.<

Having them around and observing my quite awkward behaviour was a blessing too! They gave me such great feedback so that I can do better next time.

YUP! I’m already claiming it. NEXT TIME! ^^

🌸Around Our Block

#dctoJapan ALWAYS REPPIN’!

So many awesome people stopped by! Thank you so much!!! ;__;

🌸Artist After Party

So look!

I am working on forgetting my introverted self during this growth spurt (so much to learn, so scary! >o_0<)

I was hesitant when I did my RSVP for the artist event but hey … how am I supposed to be productive in working on this if I don’t do stuff, right?!

So here goes nothing!


Grouped in teams with anonymous team members, the challenge was to work together to make a Design Festa 43 poster.

Our group gelled so well and we came up with the greatest interactive poster ever! Each person grabbed a part, from having their head traced (hi Reader!! Thank you for the nice email <3) to hand styles and sketching body parts, we got it together FAST!

I am not too sure if it was a competition, but I think it would be safe to say we won! Three cheers for team work. {insert happy dance}

🌸Around Design Festa

There was so much to see. Some of it I got to see in the quiet of the convention (after it closed and everyone went home 😀 ) and some was during my super long break on Sunday.

My neighbours, Ryo Tono and Tomomi Masuda were so awesome!

Our conversations consisted of heavy Japanese (that I surprisingly understood) and my shy responses of wakarimashita (I understand), sou ka (is that so), etc.

All in all, we got though it together.

Everyone was screaming otsukaresama when we finished up Saturday night.

They were so cool and I hope we meet again.

Kaila rescued me from life for the a while (she threatened to drag me >.< for lunch haha) and I got to meet her friend Josephine, who blogs Frilly Pink Dreams.

She was super adorable and sweet … and Yet another person I wouldn’t mind crossing paths with again.

I don’t even know her but what she shared about her studies and accomplishments, I am super proud and wish her nothing but the very best! ❤

Here are things we got to explore together~

tights by my fav artists ^.^

I LOVE this brand ❤

oishiso ~
all handmade!
kawaii lil’ 💩 head
Alice & the rabbit … An awesome way to promote your booth! ^^
Yatta! I finally got to meet artist, Aya Matsumoto! We have been Facebook friends forever, with mutual friends, but we have never been in the same space at the same time 😅

🌸My Haul

Tomomi Masuda・Ryo Tono・Yuki’s Mushroom・Girl Chan・Nekopantsu・Aya Matsumoto
And just like that … we’re out! ^^

I think it’s fair to end this post with saying that I got accepted into Design Festa again.

This time I’m not alone! #supportLIPS photographer, Nikkia Redd got accepted too!


Follow my snapchat + Instagram (@ipukekawaii) to enjoy Japan with me! ^.^

Gambare, minna


Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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