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Event Report: DC9 Holiday Market x #supportLIPS Store

Hi kawaii + creative family!

Happy Wednesday 😀

I got to participate in a holiday market with friends and wanted to share ~

But before that, let me share that I have updated my store (yaayyyyyyy for productivity!).

Anything you buy from there goes towards my #supportLIPS goal.

What makes me happy is that I am learning about products and product placement while doing this.

… because EVERYTHING is a learning experience right?! 🙂

Shop with me and be sure to tell a friend! ❤

Naow …

This past Monday I took some of my kawaii goods and sold at DC9‘s holiday market.

It was a great night!

Sorry in advance for the poor lighting on most pictures. >.<

DC9 is a nightclub so the lighting was pretty intimate. =^.^=

Otherwise, please enjoy ~

🌸#supportLIPS Table

Mahou Monie pieces were on the table (as always!) as well.
We pair well together ^^

🌸 CrunkCakes + Crushing Apparrel

The night’s hostess was the lovely Faith Alice Sleeper owner and master baker of DC Crunkcakes.
If you’re 21+ and like liquor and sweets, then you’ll LOVE her sweet treats infused with liquor.

Chou oishii yo!!!!!


The homie Boo Crushing was there with his handmade Crushing Apparel goods. ❤

Both Cruncakes & Crushing Apparel put on for their city!

So if you’re a DC native here are two really AWESOME small businesses to shop with.

🌸Kawaii Shops

I never made it past my floor (there were two floors of vendors) so my kawaii shop finds were limited … adorable, but limited. Gomen ne!

BUT you can see the complete list of shops that were available here.

These are the shops from my floor that I swooned over. (*cries* why I gotta be broke )

Two Doxies

Two Doxies has the cutest handmade jewelry that features Swarovski crystals and art from vintage postcards presented in repurposed bullet casings. Pretty neat right!

Pixie Kitsune

Pixie Kitsune is EVERYTHING you’d ever want for your cool J-fashion fix.
Her store is so cool (and she does this in her spare time! I need to get on her level *swoon*)

Drenga Designs

Last but not least is my love!!!! Meet my good friend Katie of Drenga Designs.

We’re always in passing so I had no idea what amazingness she’d been up to lately. *bad friend, I am* Her D-I-Y is everything!

… And to end a surprisingly awesome night have a few silly selfies ~

Thanks for looking!^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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