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{Post} Travel day: Pooped, Thanksgiving & Store Update

Hi kawaii + creative family!

Yesterday I left Japan to return home.

I am pooped! It’s been seriously action packed and go, go, go for two weeks straight (longer if you count my crazy schedule in the States 😁).

It’s been a great and productive go,go,go.

I was able to update my store before hopping on the plane in preparation for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

It’s my first time taking these shopping days seriously (why o why did I wait so long 😫😫😫), but I’m on a mission to make my concept shop come true.

So please let me share some artistic goods with you!
IP Brand Shop

Here are some shots of some of the #supportLIPS products.

I’ve also shared some super successful pillows that I did a while back for Waku Waku + NYC.

They went so fast ^^ (I’m really happy I grabbed mine for my stash) so I decided to do another run and place them on pre-order.

Tell me what yah think!

I made it to Narita airport in time for lunch and to roam around a bit.

2015-11-25 15.53.52

2015-11-25 15.33.01
Katsu Curry for lunch. Oishkatta yo!
2015-11-25 15.02.29
Narita airport lobby

Hokusai Plaza

From having to travel back and forth so much, I became familiar with the gate that I had to fly out from.

I remembered there were some really cool places there.

However, I didn’t realise that the small area was named Hokusai Plaza and featured some of Hokusai’s more popular works.

As a lover of Ukiyo-e, I am definitely a fan of Hokusai.

I am currently translating an article written about me as a tattoo artist, heavily inspired by ukiyo-e but recently shared my last trip to New York’s Ronin Gallery for some ukiyo-e inspiration.

2015-11-25 15.20.19-1

2015-11-25 15.20.19

2015-11-25 15.21.43

2015-11-25 15.21.53

2015-11-25 15.22.11This piece was the cover of the JR Rail Pass for at least two years


One store, where I would usually stop to get sweets, also has another cool temporary space, the Nippon Origami Museum.

2015-11-25 15.22.59

2015-11-25 15.23.53

Detroit Airport

We arrived in Detroit an hour ahead of schedule. I leisurely cleared customs and was off to gate A30. Since I had plenty time I roamed around … and to my surprise there was a Sanrio Store right there!

2015-11-25 15.59.09

2015-11-25 16.00.30Artist Kitty-chan


2015-11-25 16.00.53Reversible Kitty-chan Ramen plushie


2015-11-25 16.01.32Hello Kitty x Toki Doki travel bag


I’m so excited to share my travel successes with you but it’s a lot. So aside from the store, I’m going to slow down and take a good rest. I’ll be sure to share as much as I can starting from next week!

2015-11-26 11.12.23

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, please have a happy one. If you don’t STILL have a happy one! While I don’t agree with the premise of how Thanksgiving came to be, I do believe in being thankful. Not just on a holiday named Thanksgiving though, but everyday!

So have a great one and enjoy whatever you choose to do with your day. I hope it’s filled with smiles ~

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Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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