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Hanging Out Around Kichijoji

Hi kawaii + creative family!

Let’s head to my favorite neighbourhood, Kichijoji for some self-care and private moments ~ ❤

I am always so happy to I survive Tokyo, you just don’t know. >.<

As much as I love Japan, Tokyo gives me anxiety like no other!

In fact, it was in Kichijoji where I had my first adult panic attack.

So I thought I’d take a moment to share some of my favourite, magical, and calming things ~

If you travel to Japan and have anxiety like me, finding spaces and places that calm you will definitely help!

from FB copy
random thoughts while roaming around Kichijoji

Please enjoy ^.^

🌸Places to Go

2013-10-21 14.12.11
The Cat Cafe 😺
2013-10-22 14.33.27
Kichijoji Art Museum, it’s so quiet, cute and intimate ❤️ Extremely calming!
Inokashira, though famous is really cool!
Inokashira Park AND Zoo
so many finds on the park trail
there’s even paddle and row boating ^.^

~ hi cuties ~

warm a fuzzies ^.^

… and the penguins came out to play ✨
Tattoo therapy is a thing and here’s the home to one of my favorite tattoo artists, Akatsuki Bunny 🐰

🌸Random Things

billboards are really colourful

gatcha (ガチャ) fun is everywhere!

sometimes if you look down, there’s fun art there too!
and if all else fails, Peko-chan will be there ❤

I hope these places help if you find yourself in Tokyo and needing to a good rest from the daily hustle & flow there ~

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Gambare, minna


Imani (イマーニ)

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