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Moshi Moshi Japan! #dctoJapan

Hi kawaii + creative family!

These days, I’m constantly yelling MOSHI MOSHI Japan! 👋👋👋
(Long read and sharing more goals ahead ~)

But THANK YOU for sharing in these reflective #dctojapan moments with me. ❤

Reflecting on My Goals

As of June 2013, I set out on a goal to visit Japan for working vacation every 6 months.

My stays would consist of no less than 2 weeks and no more than 1 month as I try to touch my dreams of working in Japan

… and make them consistent.

Since starting, I have started using the tag #dctoJapan to share my adventures with fellow dreamers, family/ friends, and fans alike.

So as I sat prepping for this new blog I was reminiscing about my first trip to Japan.

It was in June 2013, a treat to/ creative investment in myself for my 33rd birthday.

The Room Shibuya, Tokyo | my first live painting event in Japan
HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel, Osaka Station, Osaka | My first ferris wheel ride was meditative, and then a healthy habit was born ^.^

🌸Exploring Tokyo

My first few days in Tokyo were adventure filled!

my feels EVERY night >.<

I met up with language exchange buddies, turned good friends. After two years I was able to meet people I’d starting calling friends ~

🎀Meet-Up + Takeshita Dori + Kiddyland

Some of my girl friends and I met up on my first day and took an adventure to Harajuku ~

language exchange friends
the famous, Takeshita Dori gate
our lunch + my first real ramen
found Chibi Maruko-chan in Kiddy Land 😺
love collecting Kimi Doll kokeshi
Gemini Rilakkuma
can you recognise all the signs here?

🎀Passo-kun + Old Japan Culture + Good times!

The next day, I enjoyed traditional izakaya food with my big brother Passo and his friends.
Getting sick off of raw liver made the next few days REALLY interesting ~

rollin’ wit da homies …
having good times … and a tiny piece of this took me down >.<
the next day after feeling better, we went for a walk and ended up here ~
we went to the oldest house in his neighbourhood
and stopped for some language exchange
later that night we all got together at Passo’s house to cook & take a good rest … watching Kamikazi Girls 😉
his music friends, Dramatic Soul, were hosting a themed (black & white dots) showcase and I was invited
and I got to meet them and hang after ~
thanks for the fun big bro!

🎀Doraemon Museum + Bento (Yum!)

I love Doraemon, so my girl friend Sati made a trip to Doraemon museum happen.
She’s never been either and wanted to explore together ^.^

enjoyed these cute Doraemon figures while waiting to enter the museum
sleepy Doraemon spinner
She also made me a kawaii bento snack. A DORAEMON BENTO!🙏❤️

🌸Moshi Moshi Osaka

I took a weekend trip to Osaka to meet one of my favourite Japanese tattoo artists, Naoki
… and had no idea the bond we’d create

Osaka is a beautiful place and the culture is way more chill and welcoming. Bye bye forever Tokyo 👋
Hotel Granvia’s vending room was right outside my room door 😉
TNS suita!! Noaki’s studio looks even cooler than it did on Instagram >.<
we hung out at Rocker’s Diner my last night there ~

I left Osaka to return to Tokyo, get packed and hop a flight back to the States.

Osaka and my goals have been on my mind ever since.

Thanks for reading!

Follow my snapchat + Instagram (@ipukekawaii) to enjoy Japan with me!^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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