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TNS Tattoo, My Tattoo Family ♡

Strolls on to this post singing 🎤🎶 rollin’ wit da homies~ 🎶 …

Hi kawaii + creative family! ^.^

I want you to meet my Japanese tattoo senpai and Osaka tattoo family, TNS!

Naoki is my first senpai beyond my master teacher, Chris Mensah.

There is so much to share about my experiences since with TNS Naoki. We met about two years ago and it’s been the best creative friendship and learning experience ever!

There isn’t much to say other than I had no idea that meeting Naoki would turn into me having a large extended tattoo family.

Check us out ~


Staring match with Nao-san at dinner. Who’s gonna blink first?! 😀
Bruh!!! Laced with the finest of extended family for days ^^
5 famous tattoo artists, Tomoko-chan, gaijin friends, and me …
Remember Straight Life Osaka Tattoo Matsuri friends?!

🌸How We Met

And … TNS has been my tattoo family since day one! It all started from a letter …

My past Japanese sensei helped me translate this letter so that I could send it to my favorite artists.

I wanted to meet fellow artists and talk tattoo and art. I wanted to learn something new ~

Nao-san replied, enthusiatically, and it’s been a wrap since!

His reply was so genuine and filled with excitement.

After a few emails back and forth we got a chance to meet at during my first trip to Japan.


Next stop … TNS Tattoo!
TNS Yokoso

These Days

it’s family first! ^.^
watching Naoki at work

ナオーさん、色々かんしゃしています。ありがとうございます ❤

I am super grateful for the time we get to spend together drawing, talking, and just being artists.

Thanks for reading!


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Gambare, minna


Imani (イマーニ)

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