DC to Japan

Japanese-inspired #INKPLAY

Hi kawaii + creative friends & family!

Happy #TATTUESday 

I wanted to take a moment to share some of my tattoo specialty, Japanese (inspired) style.

I can’t express how much inspiration I have bubbling inside me for more Japanese-inspired #INKPLAY! 😀

Since Ronin’s 40 for 40, especially, I am just oozing inspiration that needs to be harnessed!

So I decided that when I return from Japan, I should harvest a lot of that inspiration for some creative Japanese-inspired #INKPLAY!

traditional wabori #wip

I’m always booking for Japanese-inspired work, but maybe my (small but growing) portfolio will convince you that I’m YOUR artist for some good Japanese-inspired body art.

Enjoy ~


Created between 2009-2011, these pieces are some of my earlier works inspired by various styles and elements found wabori.

At that time I was coming out of my tattoo apprenticeship so I segmented a lot of elements I wanted to practice into small pieces requested by clients.

lotus + music notes

🌸Wabori, My Way

My first great masterpiece, as I call it was with d.i.y-er, Shawnta.

Shawnta and I originally created 2 one-point tattoos. During a fix-up on a small tattoo she expressed “I don’t want a sleeve or anything”.

I knew that wasn’t the truth … but if she wanted to believe that, then sure! haha Another consultation, a lot of beers and brainstorming, and maybe 20 hours later (in sessions of course), my first wabori-inspired sleeve was born.

the coolest moms are tattooed ^.^

Shawnta was also the first client I got to actively collaborate with, in a way that shape how I interact with my clients today. Thanks for the life lesson Shawnta!!! ❤

afro Asian aesthetic

My second wabori-inspired piece was on this gentleman, skater and clothier, Lindsay.

He has since gotten his entire torso done, donning it with mankineko, foo dogs, and Buddha.

🌸Wabori + Japanese-inspired Portfolio

Here are some oldie but bodies as well as new works.

You can always see more of my (small but growing haha) Japanese-inspired style portfolio here.

Hopefully we can create something inspired together one day! ❤

that melanin though! ❤

As always, thanks for reading!

Follow my snapchat + Instagram (@ipukekawaii) to enjoy Japan with me!^.^

Gambare, minna


Imani (イマーニ)

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