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My Dream Convention, King of Tattoo

Hi kawaii + creative family,

I wanted to share some photo spam from my first visit to my dream convention, King of Tattoo ~

I have never been huge on working at a tattoo convention.

It often seems more troublesome than not with finding and connecting with (new) clients, prepping tattoos apart from your canvas, packing, unpacking, forgetting things, UGH

That is, until I visited Tokyo’s King of Tattoo. ^.^

Enjoy an adventure with me ~

King of Tattoo at The Room | Daikanyama, Tokyo

🌸 Around King of Tattoo

KoT is such a small convention with big HEART!

I’ve arrived ^.^
I love their tagline ❤
tattoos happened on two floors
kawaii tattoo
official KoT merch table + cute girls
live body painting

🌸Artists at Work

kawaii tattoo artist
found Naoki!
getting it in ~
Jeff Gouge + Shige
kawaii tattoo artist
Akatsuki Bunny making zumi (ink)
for this piece

🌸Tattoo Competitions

Tattoo competitions are huge part of any convention.

It’s such a great educational tool for staying fresh in your craft.

It was crowded so, I only sat for a free lesson in girls’ tattoos ~

lovely contestants
winner presentations

🌸Yakuza Tradition

Yakuza often gather for festivals donning their body art and tattoo tradition.

They gave the audience a peek into that tradition in a small osake ritual ~

such a beautiful display of commitment

let the games begin
me next?! uh oh …
osake + salt

I left the stage a bit … tipsy 😅

kawaii tattoo artist
well, that was fun! ^.^

🌸Hanging Out

Lucky me, I got to hang out with tattoo family and new customers.

So I didn’t feel so … alone ~

me + domo + Yaya + friends, Nakayokushimashou ~
a future customer
after dinner at My Melody themed cafe
with he legend, Horiyoshi III

King of Tattoo was so much fun! I can’t wait until next year ❤

I hope you enjoyed my adventure and as always,

Thans for reading!

Follow my snapchat + Instagram (@ipukekawaii) to enjoy Japan with me!^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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