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GGDC x Metro Lolitas ILD Brunch Date

I feel like I left Japan and my updates halted and the grind got grittier >.< Gomen ne! I’m not complaint by far though. Fundraising for a tattoo studio/ art gallery, rebuilding my art brand and starting to build a kawaii community with friends has been nothing short of my pleasure. So come what may, this grind is a blessings.

2015-06-06 17.24.54

I had been back less than two weeks and was blessed with opportunities (and a burst of energy *phew!*) to take part in a few art shows, help represent #KAWAIIindaHood at E.L. Haynes Wellness Day(s), and officially started with our steps to build a kawaii community that introduces Kawaii as a happy lifestyle/ philosophy to the DC area. That excites me! So please know that aside from this update, there are a few more to follow. I’ll be sure to carry on with my #DCtoJapan adventures soon enough! You have my word ❤

This year’s summer ILD was super fun! Geek Girl Brunch DC x DC Metro Lolitas teamed up for hawt date (and I DO, literally, mean hot! >.<) Since it was International Lolita Day, brunch at DC’s historic Old Ebbitt Grill was closed to Lolita attire only. However, we love keeping everyone included, so we hosted DC’s very FIRST Harajuku Fashion Walk *eek!* It was sooooo much fun and everyone enjoyed themselves! It made me so happy <3, <3, ❤

In case you’re just joining me here, I dress Lolita (a Japanese subculture fashion found often in the streets of Harajuku) and love celebrating International Lolita Day with lolitas across the world.

International Lolita Day happens on the first Saturday of the month twice a year, June & December, for summer and winter celebrations. 😀

I seriously can’t say thank you enough to Metro Lolitas admins and GGB DC Officers for helping out in far too many ways to name, to make sure this day went off without a worry or care in the world! I certainly could not do this alone =^^=

Working with friends spawned a collective effort to create a Kawaii community in DC. So I am super happy to announce that our baby DC KawaiiStyle launches TODAY!

If you’re in the DMV (DC/ MD/ VA) area and want to share your kawaii style with us, from fashion to lifestyle, be sure to use the hashtag #DCKawaiiStyle and we’ll be sure to find you! ❤

DC KAWAIIstyle logo(beta) copy 2

❤ Be sure to join our budding kawaii community ❤
DC KawaiiStyle
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As lead organizer of this day, I’m stoked to share our fun with you! Please enjoy~

My ILD Coord

Seriously, sometimes I feel like I forgot how to dress myself if I haven’t worn lolita in a while but overall, I was happy with how my look came together. My favorite part of my cord was my kissing kittens necklace made by one of the sweetest lolitas I know! I’m so happy she’s a part of our community. 😀

2015-06-06 12.03.17

2015-06-06 14.42.16 copy

It’s ok if you think it’s super cute too! *huhuhu*
Be sure to check out Abigail’s shop, Cottage Critters.

A Few Highlights of the Day

2015-06-07 10.12.56

2015-06-06 16.24.40

“OMG! But first … let’s take a selfie!”

2015-06-06 17.22.18

2015-06-07 10.13.04

For a few of our Metro Lolitas community members, this was their first meet-up and Mary wanted to make sure she remembered every bit of it, so she made this super cute video! ❤

Be sure to send her some love by subscribing to her Youtube channel ❤

Annnnd … More Photos!


Hopefully you’ll be able to join us next time. <3~je t’adore!


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