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GGB DC・Magical Girl Brunch


My Cult Party Kei Coord

2015-04-19 10.36.15There’s no real rundown for this co-ord (haha). With the exception of EVERYTHING is off brand finds from Target. But did I Cult Party right?! … or naw?

The Place


Chinatown, Washington, DC

2015-04-19 10.59.572015-04-19 11.04.28 2015-04-19 11.04.352015-04-19 11.59.52 2015-04-19 12.00.07Our waitress KILT IT! And as such, became an honorary magical girl.
2015-04-19 12.33.35 2015-04-19 14.32.27
oh! And sir bartender, kept the drinks coming without breaking a sweat!Brunchettes were fashionable a.f.! >.< Lolita, shoujo kei (yup! I made up a magical girl fashion sub-genre … or did I?! *boop!*), Cult Party, and well … just plain cute! No brunchette disappointed, at all! ❤

2015-04-19 12.00.21 2015-04-19 14.34.16 2015-04-19 14.34.232015-04-19 14.39.21CHEERS to being magical! =^.^=

After Brunch Shenanigans

So, after brunch, I got a call from a real life magical girl, who happens to be my best friend, Mone (-bka- the batty black loli). She worked and couldn’t join us for brunch, so since we weren’t far we took a short stroll to pay her a visit!

2015-04-19 14.41.52

First thing’s first though.

Let every magical girl stop, drop, & selfie *haha*

2015-04-19 14.46.56 2015-04-19 14.47.182015-04-19 15.04.00 Mission accomplished! We got Mone, she got lunch, and we got smiles!

All in a day’s work, yeah?!



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