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International Lolita Day Summer 2014

I can’t recall a summer International Lolita Day (ILD) that I have been able to spend with my Lolita Community, and this year was no different. But as always, I dolled up and got into some INKPLAY!

20140608-午後044527-60327433.jpg 20140608-午後044527-60327153.jpg

Outfit Rundown

Dress: Bodyline
Socks: Bodyline
Wristcuffs: off brand
Shoes: (not shown) off brand
Accessories: off brand

At the same time, DC Metro Lolitas community hosted a tea party gathering at Lady Camellia Tea room in Georgetown. They are the real reason for this post. I oogled and was super jealous and happy and, and, and …

1492356_10102737490144658_2226062008601671620_o copy

So I thought I’d share how lovely some of the loves of my Lolita community looked. STUNNING to say the least. Later in the day the gossip/ update was that the tea room was amazing, everyone had a wonderful time, and that we MUST return one day … soon! I’m so happy everyone had a great time together. I waved from the shop LOL

10271248_10102737489989968_2329308288640813247_o 10457672_10102737490074798_3655184570571835879_o


10362773_10102737499381148_5023330946012694468_o 10403729_10102737500728448_8166663139455191815_o


Thank you Lady Camellia for hosting such a wonderful afternoon.

*all tea photos are courtesy of my friend, Safiya*

Meanwhile at Pinz … My good friends/ co-workers decided to help me celebrate *tee hee*


Thanks CREEPS! 😛

20140608-午後035856-57536885.jpg 20140608-午後035856-57536538.jpg

If you’re lolita, I hope you had an AMAZING Summer ILD. Otherwise, I hope you had an overall awesome day! …

Thanks for stopping by

~je t’adore!



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